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Every child loves a unicorn! Why not make them a unicorn blanket?!

This is a simple pattern knitted by using 3 strands of yarns at once. You can use any worsted weight yarn as a substitute for the yarns listed above.
You will be using a star stitch, there’s a link to a helpful video.
You are able to customize this blanket by using your favorite rainbow yarn. You can use multi-color scrap yarn for the mane.

Toddler size – 30 in x 30 in - 3060 yards of Antique White
Children’s size – 50 in x 50 in - 4590 yards of Antique White
Adult/teen size - 70 in x 70 in - 6120 yards of Antique White

The link expires in 30 days so please save the pdf to your computer 

Hooded Unicorn Blanket Pattern

  • THIS IS A KNITTING PATTERN, NOT A BLANKET. There is sometimes confusion when the information is not read.  
    Please pay attention when ordering. I will not be reimbursing if you buy this due to it being a digital pattern. This is a pattern. This is knitting not crochet. This is in patterns section of store. This says pattern in title and in description.   Always feel free to email me ( to check status of actual blanket availablility.

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