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I herd you like knitting patterns..Looking for a ram-arkiable gift? Knits up super quick and easy. This is a fairly simple pattern knitted using 3 strands of yarns at once. You will need a basic understanding of knit, purl, and Kitchener stitch. There are many YouTube videos on the Kitchener stitch and KPK (knit,purl, knit into one stitch)

Blanket is available in three sizes. These are rough measurements - there is a little stretch to the blanket. I measured it flat without stretching. I also do not have a tight tension for these blankets - I have a loose tension.
Adult/teen – 65 in x 65 in
Approx. 5 skeins /5,100 yards

Child- 50 in x 50 in
Approx. 3.5 skeins/3,570 yards

Toddler – 45 in x 45 in
Approx. 3 skeins/3,060 yards

The link expires in 30 days so please save the pdf to your computer. 

Hooded Sheep Blanket Pattern

SKU: 000701
  • THIS IS A KNITTING PATTERN, NOT A BLANKET. There is sometimes confusion when the information is not read.  
    Please pay attention when ordering. I will not be reimbursing if you buy this due to it being a digital pattern. This is a pattern. This is knitting not crochet. This is in patterns section of store. This says pattern in title and in description.   Always feel free to email me ( to check status of actual blanket availablility.

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